Why Slender Tree?

Are you looking for a distinctive furniture item? You are no longer inspired by mass, standardized furniture, in large production batches, without any meaning to you? Are you looking for pieces individually handcrafted, with extreme care, but still imperfect, betraying the hand of the craftsman behind, pieces with unregulated and unpredictable textures and colours, pieces with their own history, or which can recall your memories, nostalgia or invite you to chromatic contemplation? Are you in love with nature materials, slightly degraded, so alive, in transformation, or items from the old villages or homes, to which you would like to give a modern twist or preserve for the next generation?

We craft furniture and home décor from massive wood and metal, old and reclaimed, or artificially aged. Our finishes are exclusively handmade and applied with extreme care. We believe that what we do generates emotions, memories, visual and tactile joy, way more beyond the standard functional. We offer life snapshots, still living nature, a free dance between nature and urban images, between long past decades and the very present second. Hyper modern design with recycled or sustainable materials, or the long gone ‘yesterday’ world, past integrated with contemporary life.

We have a product focus on decorative tables, different styles, but mostly Industrial, Rough – Raw and Vintage.

Why the Birch?

We choose the birch as the symbol of our enterprise due to its tall, elongated and slender shape. Second, we associated its image to freshness and durability. Its white body generates a lot of light. The birch tree is adaptive, and resilient to harsh conditions, being the first to retake roots on cleansed forest lands. For this reason the old Celts consider it a symbol of renewal, new beginnings or inception. Third – we are very much focused on sustainability – as we use a lot of reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials in our projects. And probably the birch it is the most sustainable European wood used for furniture manufacturing.