About Slender Tree

Slender Tree is a furniture and home décor, design and manufacturing boutique company. Our aim is to offer much more than furniture – but items which incorporate imagination and art techniques, which stimulates you dreaming – decorative furniture, and why not, art furniture. Currently we are specialised in the creation of decorative tables.

Slender Tree is the expression of a passion for materials used in their raw, natural state (wood, stone) creatively combined with industrial (metal, concrete) or modern oness (glass, synthetic fiber woves, liquid glass and various resins).

Slender Tree distinctiveness comes from:

We manufacture unique or limited series batches (up to 25 identical pieces), exclusivity contractually warranted. The distinctive nature of our products comes from their design, combination of materials used, finishing technique and the largely manual production process. In order to avoid any confusion regarding the degree of “handcraftness” of the product you will buy, and to allow a like with like comparison with other handcrafted products we set  our own tags system.

We are permanently updated on international design trends, we combine materials in a daring fashion and we learn continuously so we are permanently different.

We do not rely extensively on machines, but on people – their talent, passion, patience and mastery to create a product which is impeccable from a functional view, long lasting and withour quality compromises. We rely on the artist eye to value the pores, cracks and imperfections of wood, metal and stone, but also to get the maximum visual and decorative impact from any color spot.

A lot of our products are manufactured from materials considered waste, rebutes, sub-products, elements planned for fire destruction as such under the usual industrial paradigm. We upcycle such materials into furniture and home décor items.

Responsibility for nature

  • We reclaim old wood, wood from building demolition, we recycle wood pallets and wood chips;
  • We reinterpret any old furniture items, no matter how broken; We upcycle various wastes
  • We use sustainable materials – plywood, cardboards
  • The large majority of finishes and treatments we apply are water based;
  • Manufacturing process is organized in order to cut to minimum the amount of residues and wastes, using effectively every splint of wood.
  • And, last but not the least … We reduce the frequency you generate wastes by providing you products with a very long life.

Responsibility towards the local business and social environment:

  • Except for materials used for professional finishes, or exotic timber items, we work exclusively with local suppliers and local material sources.
  • We are permanently focused to incentivize value added creation at local level when we identify and select our business partners
  • We re-express in an urban style items with ethnographical and historical value, and we offer you the perfumes of the very yesterday in a modern interpretation;
  • We support the rebirth and reinvention of traditional crafts in the areas of deco design and manufacturing

Do you identify yourself in what we do and in our vision? Do you have an innovative idea, a new design concept for deco items or furniture? You do not know where to start and how to make it real? Do you want to create a prototype? Do you want to test the concept with us from a commercial standpoint? Contact us. We like to work together.


Do you have distinctive, cutting edge furniture or home décor products, works you are interested to promote in the on-line environment? We offer you the Slender Tree Edge Design gallery.


Are you a passionate traditional craftman? Are you passionate about etno design, local or international format and you want to display your work on-line? We offer you the Slender Tree Etno Design Gallery.

Materials, textures and colors

We are passionate about materials in their raw state – wood, stone, metal – which you can see, touch, discover their pores, ridges, nuts, life sorrows and twists which passed over them. We love materials with history, old, distressed. We combine such of them with some other very modern ones like glass, synthetic fibre woves, liquid glass or other resins.

Our finishes are perfectly transparent, leaving the raw material fully visible, or they might be distressed paints, sanded in multiple and irregular layers.