Slender Tree Tags

Slender Tree tags were set by us in order to transparently and precisely define the level of “unique” or handcraftmanship included in our products, and also in order to allow a like with like comparison with other similar products.


Product uniqueness:
  • U – unique product
  • SL – Limited series – 25 or less identical pieces manufactured and placed in the market
Handcraft production:
  • HA – manually assembled out of components on which the intervention is minor
  • HM – fully handmade using exclusively hand non-power tools
  • HC – handmade using exclusively hand non-power tools and portable power tools
  • HCW – workshop hand made using stationary machines including combined woodworking machines, lathes, etc
  • MAF – manufactured using complex micro-production / workshop stationary machines like routers, laser cutters, etc
  • BAT – manufactured on integrated production lines   
  • HF – hand finished – the final sanding, painting, polishing are completed with hand tools only
ECO Labels:
  • RCY – recycled materials
  • RCL – reclaimed materials
  • AQ – applied finishes are water based only
  • NAT – applied finishes have natural components only
Etichete Vechime Materiale:
  • AO – artificially aged
  • TOx – true old materials, reclaimed or recycled, where X represents the approximate age in years